One day

in September, 2019, a mother and  daughter visited my studio for an introductory lesson. Her daughter started enjoying playing piano and her mother signed her daughter up for lessons two times a week. Who would have imagined that several months later, there would be no in person piano lessons because of COVID19...

Recently, I received a heartfelt message from the mother...

"It's been a major upside to this whole stay at home experience...I really have no idea what this would be like if she didn't have music...definitely something that she recognizes she didn't get to do during school...and makes her feel really happy that she's clearly excelling and improving at something. She's having so much fun with it…

My daughter has been loving the extra time to play's such a joy to watch her develop and to love music--all because of you, Machiko Music!"



Machiko Music creates a fun & positive environment for students. 

Here are just a few ways that we incorporate FUN into our piano lessons:

  • The use of unique & fun music apps for ipads and tablets 

  • Introduce a variety of music (classical, jazz and pop)

  • The use of music theory games 

  • Helping students learn the music THEY want to play

  • Annual recital 

Fun piano lessons for all ages

  • Posture and hand shape

  • Rhythm and Movement

  • Notes & Note Values

  • Musical Alphabet & Terminology

  • Keyboard Familiarity

  • Sound Composition and Exploration

  • Listening Skill

  • Rhythm activities

  • Fun exercises (using music theory worksheet)

  • Positive emotional and social skills

Lessons for Preschoolers

Not sure if your child can stay focused over Zoom? Not sure if your child has the interest to continue or enjoy piano lessons?

We offer a piano prep lesson that includes once or twice online lessons per month, music theory worksheets and
prerecorded lessons.

Students will experience and learn about the following:


1. Send us a message below at "Let's Get Started".

2. After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

3. Express yourself through the love of piano!


Machiko has been a patient and inspiring teacher for my daughter. She has her very own style and approach which fully engages and motivates my daughter. With a willful and quiet child who doesn't like to practice much, it is important for her to feel understood and Machiko does. With Machiko my daughter is both learning and loving piano. We are so grateful to have found her.

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