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It's been a major upside to this whole stay at home experience...I really have no idea what this would be like if my daughter didn't have music...definitely something that she recognizes she didn't get to do during school...and makes her feel really happy that she's clearly excelling and improving at something. She's been loving the extra time to play's such a joy to watch her develop and to love music--all because of you, Machiko Music!


The Accelerated Piano Lesson

Fun, Affordable lessons for 21st century students!

This is the most popular class at our studio for ages 6 and up.

The Prep Piano Lesson

This class is designed for ages under 5.

We help 3- 5 year olds learn basics for learning piano and be ready to join the accelerated piano class.

“Machiko is fantastic. She is gentle, patient, and kind. My daughter looks forward to her piano class every week, and goes to the piano on her own at home. Machiko's piano lab is innovative, and I think just perfect for young beginners such as my daughter (age 6). It's a great way to introduce kids to music lessons without the pressure of having to practice daily.

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